Judo / Jujitsu

Judo is relatively recent (1882) activity synthesized from several jujitsu methods-by Jigoro Kano, a late 19th century Japanese educator and sport enthusiast. Originally, it had two forms: one for self-defense and a separate, distinct form for physical conditioning. Today the word judo is applied almost exclusively to a sport variant. Throws and grappling are the principal techniques. Safety falls are practiced in a dojo (a practice hall) on a matted surface so that skilled practitioners can receive a fast, high throw and fall with little risk of injury. In old style judo, players were matched by belt rank, resulting in contests between players of varying weight and size. In modern judo events there are qualifying matches, and contestants compete in weight classes. The first Olympic Games judo competition took place in 1964, and judo became a regular event in 1972.


  • Judo / Jujitsu