The ancient ideals and techniques of Aikido are taught through experienced, internationally certified instructors .  Aikido is an excellent means of exercise and self-defense.  It is a powerful and dynamic martial art used internationally by ordinary citizens, military, law enforcement groups, medical personnel and security organizations.  Practitioners world wide enjoy this art not only for it’s defensive skills but as a “Way” of internal training and development.


Aikido is a very traditional Japanese martial art that stresses the harmony of mind and body.   It is designed to control rather than destroy the opponent.  The aikidoist does not punch or kick to cause injury.  S/he does not block or resist attacks.  Aikido redirects and transforms the attacker’s energy through the use of movement and Ki (coordinated energy).


Unlike other arts, Aikido technique can be applied at varying levels of severity in a continuum from the gentlest controlling techniques to the most severe countermeasures.  Aikido is therefore ideal for application to a wide range of defensive situations.  This is the legacy of the Samurai who devised these techniques to face a bewildering array of assaults by single or multiple attackers.  Based on that legacy, students are instructed in the use of traditional Japanese weapons, such as sword, staff, and knife as well as unarmed techniques.

Aikido stresses the avoidance of inflicting injury and peaceful resolution of conflict wherever possible.   Aikido technique, though extremely flexible and effective, requires little physical strength to perform.  This art incorporates joint locking and nerve control techniques together with dynamic throwing technique to control and subdue and opponent. 


  Aikido offers a way of handling any situation, managing stress, keeping physically fit, and is suitable for all ages.

Text Box: Aikido is designed to control rather than destroy the opponent.

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